What is Abacus

Abacus mathematical calculations is considered to be one of the fastest way of doing calculations and most fun and effective method to train your child's Mind.

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 Benefits of Abacus

A complete Brain Development program not just Math , helps kids improve concentration,memory,creative and analytical skills.

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 Teaching Methodology

Personalized training , by experienced teaching staff  who are not only trained in abacus but have knowledge in school curriculum in The Netherlands.

Ready to be Amazed?

Our programs are designed by the experts to deliver only the best to your child.

  1. Better and faster calculation skills and strong memory power.
  2. Better creative instincts that can lead to a happier childhood.
  3. Improves problem solving and logical reasoning.
  4. Heightens visualization skills and photographic memory.
  5. Makes mathematics fun, useful and meaningful.

In general, it can help to make the student more confident with higher self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

We Understand Your Pain

Our experience has enabled us to understand your pain points as parents and the educational needs of students.

Short attention span, lack of focus and concentration are some of the most common problems faced by children these days. Over the growing years, these challenges further lead to inattentiveness in class and inability to grasp knowledge resulting in poor academic performance, lack of confidence and lower self-esteem.

So We Know The Solution

We take pride in nurturing your kids to grow into independent and intelligent individuals.

The joy of seeing a confident, independent and an intelligent child, excelling in academics is the dream of any parent. This can be achieved through Abacus Mental Math training.

Abacus Mental Math training techniques originate from the East and has a proven track record. Various research has also confirmed the effectiveness of abacus training on brain development. Abacus Mental Math training also has the longest records of success for enhanced concentration and math mastery that can lead to a sustained positive attitude and a greater level of self-confidence throughout life.

Teachers @Guruscool

Teachers With Skills and Empathy

Programs at Guruscool

We are eager to give you best Education and style.

Guruscool abacus programs are designed by professionals in this field and is fine tuned for fast abacus learning. Our learning program, with practice, helps the child to visualize the  movement of the beads corresponding to the mathematical steps. This method of learning abacus ensures that the child can do larger calculations in mind, faster than the calculator.


Guruscool Senior Program

• For children aged 8-12 years
• This program is of 10 levels

Guruscool Junior Program

• For children aged 5-7 years
• This program is of 6 levels

Other information

• Classes are conducted once a week.
• Exam and Certificate for each level.
• Personal  attention to every child.
• Parental training for the parents to help kids at home.



We take immense pride in bringing in the right change to early student life. Look at some of our testimonials

Guruscool testimonial 9

Overcoming fear of Mathematics

Mijn dochter deed haar Abacus-huiswerk en ik was prettig geschokt toen ze plotseling zei: "Woohoo, dit is leuk!" Dit, van een meisje dat verloren is gegaan in het reguliere rekenonderwijs. Het rekenen was haar boeman geworden. Ik had hoge verwachtingen dat de resultaten van de Abacus haar zullen helpen om niet alleen haar huidige groep 5 doelen te halen, maar ook om verder te komen. Ik heb haar vertrouwen zien toenemen en ik weet dat we het juiste hebben gedaan. We hebben tranen thuis gehad over haar rekenen op school. Ze leek er gewoon op voorhand al bang voor te zijn. Niemand wil extra graag rekenlessen volgen, maar dit gaat verder dan een verplichting, ze geniet ervan. Misschien zijn haar hersenen anders bedraad dan die van andere kinderen, ik weet het niet. Wat ik wel weet is dat ik blij ben Sreeja en haar geweldige team te hebben gevonden.

Victoria Sorenson
Nawarat-Wikorn Guruscool

Mathematics is fun now

Onze zoon van 5 gaat graag naar de lessen omdat hij op een leuke manier leert en het hem motiveert om thuis ook met papa en mama huiswerk te doen. De juf neemt heel goed de tijd voor de kinderen en zal nooit een les snel afraffelen. Aanrader om kinderen op jonge leeftijd al wat mathematische kennis mee te geven en ze hierin te motiveren.

Nawarat Wikorn

Abacus for learning

Mijn twee dochters zitten op Abacus les op Guruscool in Hoofddorp. Een is 9 jaar en andere is 6. Wij als ouders zijn heel erg blij met Sreeja. Ze zitten sinds een jaar bij haar op Abacus les en het gaat super goed. Sreeja is een heel goede juf, op manier hoe ze aan kinderen les geeft, worden de kinderen heel erg gemotiveerd. Ik zie de voortgang van mijn kinderen ook op school. Daarnaast is het heel goed voor algemeene ontwikkeling van kinderen.

Homa Ramiar

Abacus as tool

I’ve heard about Abacus lessons before and I was very excited to find it in Hoofddorp. My daughter is 5.5 y.o, she is very like and enjoy the lessons. She wants to practice a lot and demands for additional exercises. I see how she has began to use Abacus’ skills for the calculation in the mind. I’m looking forward for developing these skills, I’m absolutely confident it will helps her in future, not only at school.

Irina Garchenko
Guruscool testimonial 7

Speed with numbers

We are very happy to be associated with Sreeja Jaydev ,Guruscool Abacus for the past year and a half. Our son was able to adapt the teaching and methods of Abacus very easily and hence his interest in Abacus has greatly increased. Ethan’s concentration and speed with numbers has increased very rapidly . Sreeja emphasizes on practice and preparation for the class . I am pleased to say that a very personal attention is given to every child in the class.

Shilpa Goldwyn
Guruscool testimonial 6

Learning with enjoyment

I am really satisfied with approach used by Sreeja together with her staff, they have made such a positive environment for children. Teo has been enjoying attending classes and doing homework independently because he receives clear instructions in classes. I found abacus a useful, practical skill also for life and Teo has become confident in math.


Managing kids with love

My Daughter started with Guru school for a year now. Her way of doing calculations are improving. She is enjoying abacus way of learning from the first class. Thanks to the teacher Sreeja. Managing every kids of different community,culture etc is very difficult. Sreeja is doing an amazing job to keep all the kids focused and succeed in their work. Keep going 🙂

Nancy Angelin
Saravanan AB testimonial


Sreeja has been very professional and can see all kids like her as its more like play & learn in the class. Sreeja is always ready to go extra mile in ensuring the kids get right attention & progress. Guruscool is highly recommended. Thanks for your dedication & wish you all success in helping many more kids.

Saravanan AB


It's been a fantastic and a progressive journey for my kid Vaarun so far. There is no push whatsoever and Sreeja ensures that the objective is met for each class. To me, it's a tremendous transformation that I observe in my kid and I owe the credit to Sreeja. I was initially skeptical about the methodology and how will it have a handshake with the math taught in school but it just sailed through with ease as it progressed. I am by all means Happy for having my kid undergo abacus math at Guruscool and it will continue! Thanks wholeheartedly to Sreeja and her team.

Nithya Rajesh
Guruscool testimonial 3

Mathematics made easy !

When my son started Abacus I was not much aware of it but the way Sreeja taught it its revealed that if you use correct process mathematics is not that complex even for kids. Also my son being a naughty one always gets extra care and attention. Sreeja knows very well how to keep the kids motivated and the award celebration made Aayush soooo happy. He is still feeling joyful to see his trophy. Thank you Sreeja and hope my kid ll learn more n more from you in coming days! you in coming days!

Poulami Chakraborty
Guruscool testimonial 4

My daughter’s performance scaled up

We are very happy to go to the Guruscool. Math skills of my older daughter improved significantly. Her tests in a Dutch school got better as well. Now the math is not difficult for her as it was. My second daughter also goes to Guruscool, so I expect it will be easier for her in the 3rd class of the Dutch school next year. My both daughters like the teacher Sreeja and her classes.

Svetlana Panfilova Torba


Student Certification @Guruscool

Our Promise To You

We guarantee a fun way of mastering mental math for children with enhanced memory, concentration and visualization skills.

So what’s stopping you from helping your child unbox his/her best chance? Let us guide you through, if in case you have any queries about Guruscool or our programs. Book a free trail session with us today and learn about the big difference Abacus math’s can bring in your child’s life.

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